Consumers product and reviews are written by consumers like you. Who would like to share their experience and knowledge about a particular product? They’ve purchased from JOHNNY EARL JONES, LLC. The reason for this information is to assist you. To make more knowledgeable decisions, on your purchases. You can share your own point of view, with other customers. You might incorporate your suggestion, on a particular product. By rating and reviewing the products that you own. We must “remember” one product might work good for you, but not for others. We must take that into consideration. Positive and negative reviews are accepted. I would like you to be truthful with your opinions. This will help all of my customers on my website, to benefit by reading about others. Good and bad experience with a particular product. You can share your perspective, on these specific products. I will respond to all of my customers reviews, within 24-48 hours. 

All rating and reviews will be posted, to my website and on a third-party website. You can write your reviews and rate them at this link as well. This will be the most useful feature to help you and others. To shop with confidence and peace of mind. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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Outstanding performance!

Announce coming events

My three - year anniversary will be arriving on April 06, 2020.  We can celebrate this together. Thank you for your participation!!!

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 This section is dedicated to all of my customers. Who has referred a customer, to JOHNNY EARL JONES, LLC? I truly appreciate your support to my business. I am here to assist my customers anyway possible. With that being said, we must learn how to acknowledge one another! You will always receive your freebies with your order. 

If you refer a friend, stranger or family member. “You will be recognized to receive an extra gift and it will be mailed out to you”. Here is the detail information. You must notify me by telephone at (330) 509-2018. I need the first name, city and state, of your referred customer. 

Then I will check my records. To make sure the information is correct. My customers information will not be distributed to anyone and all of my customers information is confidential. The extra gift will vary from small, medium or large. 

Outstanding performance!

Outstanding performance!

Outstanding performance!

Date: 11-12-2019

To: Queen Patricia  

I truly appreciate your referred customer. 

I am mailing you your extra gift! 

Thank you for your support! 

Date: 1-13-2020

To: Unknown name

I truly appreciate your referred family member. I have mailed you your extra gift already! Thank you for confidence,

 in my products and business.