Grand Opening: You ARE INVITED...

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I am typing this letter to let all of my customers. Know that I truly appreciate, your full support and generosity that you have shown me. Since I have open up my business, On April 06, 2017. It has been a good, learning experience in a powerful way, to know all of my customer’s needs, wants and desires. I will have majority of my products, on my platform (website).

 JOHNNY EARL JONES, LLC, will be featuring a lot of different products and it will take time, to put them up on my “New Website “. With that being said, if you do not see the product(s). That you are looking for? Please call or text me at (330)509-2018. I will make sure that, I will resolve your concerns, wants and desires Within 24-48 hours. 


I am doing a “Grand Opening Celebration” for my new my website. It was launched on February 13, 2019. I am truly proud of my “Creator”, customers and myself. For getting things in order in a timely manner, for all of this to take place. I normally give you, One complementary gift. When you support this business! Since I am doing a “Grand Opening Celebration” I will provide my customers with two complementary gifts.


To My First - Five Customers. That order(s) on my New Website. Once I reach my fifth customer? then I will stop the two complimentary gifts. Then I will return back to my One complimentary gift. Your complimentary gifts will vary from different items. They can be big or small. I want to let you know; I Truly appreciate my unique customers. By giving you’ll gifts. From One store house, to another store house. Thank you for your support as well.


I have met my five customers. I thank all my customers for allowing me to serve you. Stay blissful daily!

My Contact Information:




(330) 509-2018