This information is updated as of April 29, 2020




This term refers to a list of questions and answers. That will be frequently asked in some circumstances, and pertaining to a certain subject. 

F.A.Q. are often-times heard. Depending on utilization, of the terms that may refer specifically to a single frequently asked question. It is also pertaining to a list of many questions and their answers.



1. What are the payment methods? Here are the available services that I offer on my website.

For your convenience I accept:

Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover through PayPal.

All of my customer (s) have an option to pay on a THIRD-PARTY website. This will allow you to push the Fast checkout button with (PayPal). This is where all of your information is safe and secure. There are two different payment opinions available on PayPal website. 

If you have a PayPal account push the blue button use # 1. 


Pay with debit or credit card push the gray and black button use # 2. Guest payments allows debit or credit card transactions only.

2. Do you accept money orders? Yes. All money orders must be payable to: 





Please notify me by phone (330) 509-2018. Then I will send you a postage paid envelope.  

3. Do you accept COD orders? No. I apologize for this inconvenience this may cause you.


4. How long will it take to process my order? Priority Shipping 3-9 Business Days. (“If it is weather-related & other natural disasters or events occur.") It will delay your package (s). 

5. What delivery provider you use? U.S.P.S. Only. 

6. Will I receive a tracking number for my order? Yes.   

 Which includes delivery confirmation, tracking number and insurance. 

7. What can I do if I never receive my order? Lost or damages items must be reported within 10 business days. In order to process the appropriate claims and to send out replacements in an efficient manner. Any lost or damage packages that has been shipped from the USPS. It’s up to you, to follow up with them concerning your package. Please take into consideration it will take up to 30 days with your claim.

8. Which international places do you ship to? Jamaica & United Kingdom only.

9. Do you ship outside of the United States Of American? Yes. All international customers order will be made over the phone (330) 509-2018 or e-mail

10. I will not ship to these places? Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, Canada, U.S. Armed Forces: Americas, U.S. Armed Forces: Europe & U.S. Armed Pacific. 

11. How are shipping costs determined? These prices are calculated based on weight, zip code, shipping & handling. 

12. Do you ship on Saturday? Yes. 

13. Can I buy things at wholesale price? No.

14. Who can buy my international products? I am a small business, that sells goods. To the public in relatively, small quantities for use or personal consumption only.

15. Can I contact with you, after hours? Yes. E-mail

16. Can I come and pick up my package? No.

17. Can I do a back-order on a particular product? Yes