Keeping my customers informed:

Additional Information

 I am notifying all of my customers. On June 07, 2019 till June 19, 2019.” All orders will be delayed”. I have some very important, business to attend. With that being said. You can still order your products from me. Just remember I will return back to work on June 19, 2019. For this delay all of my customers, will receive one extra complimentary gift from me. That’s if you placed your order on June 07, 2019 till June 19, 2019 only. First come, first served is for customers that will be served, in the order in which they arrived, those who arrive first are served first. I will handle each order, with tender loving care. I apologize for any inconvenience; this may have caused you. Thank you so much, for your patience concerning this matter. 


"This information is expired now"...